Mini Brass Kerosene Lighter - Steampunk, Retro Cool, EDC

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MINI BRASS KEROSENE LIGHTER, Japanese Style EDC - 3.5x2cm, 37g

Pint-sized oil lighter with style! 

A pint-sized oil lighter with style! Handmade brass construction, insanely durable, compact and puts disposables to shame. Lid flips open to light flame and closes with a flick of the finger. Fill with Kerosene Oil/Lighter Fluid fuel.


Condition: New 
Brand Name: NEO IV / NEO 4 
Type: Solid Brass Lighter 
Feature Style: Oil Lighter 
Material: Metal, Brass 
Color: Brass/Gold 
Powered by: Kerosene oil/Lighter fluid (not included) 
Oil Capacity: approx. 1ml oil 
Size, length x diameter: 3.5 x 2cm (1.26 x 0.787in) 
Weight: 37g (1.3oz) 
Country of Manufacture: China 
• Pay attention to your surrounding environment when using. Do not use in environments that could cause fire or explosion 
• Due to its compact size, lighter must not be burned for a long time to avoid burns and other accidents. 
• Pay attention when adding fuel oil to pour the right amount. Overfilling will cause oil spills, accidents, and can cause the failure of normal lighting. In case of overfilling, please wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel. 

*This item does not include fuel oil, please buy your lighter fuel locally! 

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