Nov., 2015

Welcome to the Personal Motorized Transport Revolution

The popularity of Self Balancing personal mobility devices are growing each day and there's no doubt they're going to be on top of many wishlists.  These funky new gadgets are at the forefront of the latest personal transportation technology.  Everyone from sport stars and celebrities to the guy down the street are jumping on board.  Throughout this past year of 2015, videos featuring Self Balancing Scooters have been going viral as the interest around these toys has been blowing up... but we're quickly discovering that they are much more than toys! 

Everyone's talking about the new self-balancing mobility devices...

Our featured devices are eco-friendly and perfect for urban commuting.  Self Balancing Scooters and Personal Motorized Transport Devices are great alternatives to taking the bus.  While they are not likely to replace your car, they are suitable for "Last Mile" commuting, plus they're a lot of fun!  On average, our featured devices move up to 10 miles per hour and will last for over 10 miles per charge.