What makes your products different than the others on the market?

Motorized personal-transportation devices are exploding in popularity.  While many Self-Balancing personal mobility devices seem similar, the true differences are found inside the shells of the outer body.  Our featured Self Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and e-Skateboards are the most durable, reliable, powerful and longest lasting products of their type on the market -- equal to, or superior than, other devices selling for $1,000 and more.  We are very meticulous around all things related to the products we sell and support, so our internal components were selected for their top-of-the-line quality and durability.  All of our Self Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and Skateboards are built with: High quality aluminum alloy frames; high powered lithium-ion Samsung/LG batteries; and imported German micro-chip technology. 

Is a Self Balancing Scooter easy to learn?

How long would take to master the Self Balancing controls?

Each rider is different, but in most cases it takes 3 to 5 minutes to begin to have balance on the scooters and 15-30 minutes to become proficient.  Step one foot onto one side in a purposeful manner, then the other foot onto the other side the same way.  At the same time of stepping on, you will try to balance and discover it's already doing the balancing for you!  We suggest that new riders use a wall, or another person for support when first learning the feel and use of the Self-Balancing Scooter.  Always be safe and wear a helmet, gloves, elbow guard and other protective gear for safety reasons.

Is it safe to drive the Self Balancing Scooter?

Will I fall off if it’s too fast?

If attempted to drive at max speed or difficult road conditions, the alarm will sound and limit to not exceed safe speeds.  Personal safety is a priority when rider is about to fall.  Consumers should view their self Balancing scooter like a skateboard in terms of "gearing-up"; always be safe and wear a helmet, gloves, elbow guard and other protective gear for safety reasons.

How does it handle bumps, cracks and curbs?

Is there any kind of suspension?

This product is better on flat roads, but has no problem handling grass and sand too.  Bumps and cracks up to 1/2 inch are handled very well, all you have to do is pay attention and bend your knees, as your knees act as your suspension.

Can it handle wet weather?

What is the durability of a Self Balancing device?

Our Self Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and Skateboards are weatherproof, meaning they will withstand rain, dirt, sand and gravel.  They can handle small puddles with ease. But It's definitely not waterproof, you can't toss it in the ocean and still expect it to work.  For safety, avoid obstacles such as gravel and wet surfaces.  We do not suggest riding on rainy days as the roads may become too slippery under the wheels.

Is it legal to use on streets and/or sidewalks?

This scooter is very compact, (a bit wider than an average person's shoulders) it can easily be used on sidewalks and parking lots, check with your local authorities to confirm you can use this scooter.  Our devices were designed for outdoor recreation and use as commuting machines.  Please do not ride them on vehicle shared road lanes.  

Can you take it on a flight as carry-on luggage?

No.  Passengers are prohibited from carrying-on lithium batteries containing more than 2 grams of lithium content and lithium-ion batteries containing more than 25 grams of equivalent content.  Our devices contain at least 43 grams.

What is the maximum speed?

Our Self Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and Skateboards can achieve and maintain a maximum speed of 10 to 14 mph (depending on rider weight, riding style, road conditions).  Some competitors' products only reach speeds of 6.5 to 7 mph because their products were equipped with lower output motor wattage to save money on manufacturing costs. 

How long does the battery to fully charge?

How long does the battery last?

It takes from 45 minutes to 120 minutes to complete a full charge cycle.  The battery charges to 80% capacity in the first 45 minutes then switches to trickle-charge for the remaining cycle.  Our Self Balancing Scooter, Unicycle and Skateboard products have been custom manufactured to spec with high-quality Samsung or LG batteries allowing the device to last 6 to 9 hours between recharges (depending on riding conditions).  Some competitors' products only last 3 to 5 miles because their products were equipped with lower capacity batteries without power management systems.  

How do I safety charge the Lithium battery?

Full battery charge takes 2 hours, or less as described above.  When the charger red light indicator turns to green, the charging cycle is complete.  Do not charge a Self Balancing Scooter overnight or when you're out of the home and do not leave it plugged in after the charge is complete or damage can occur to the battery state and ability to properly cycle in the future.  With proper care, your scooter's battery will recharge over 1,000 times before battery replacement would be needed.   

How much weight can it support? 

What are the age and height ranges to use the Scooter?

2/Wheel and 1/Wheel Self Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and e-Skateboards can comfortably support riders up to 260 pounds and are suitable for children and adults =/>65 lbs and/or =/>47" height.

How do I turn off my Hoverboard?

Hoverboards have on-off buttons located at the side on the bottom half of the body housing.  Press once to turn on and once again to turn off.  They also automatically turn themselves off after 5 minutes of inactivity.  Units shipped with wireless remote can also be turned off by holding the lock switch for 2 seconds until Hoverboard beeps.

Is customization available?

Yes.  We have a wide range of after-market upgrades including custom paint colors, patterns and finishes.  We also offer bumper kits and scuff deflection kits.  Ask us for details, or let us know what you're trying to accomplish and we'll be happy to work together.  

Why is my new scooter so slow?

Your scooter has a "learning mode" to help you get used to riding it before going full speed.  The Self Balancing Scooter is less sensitive with this mode enabled so it's a bit more stable when you step on.  Here's the instructions on how to switch between learning mode and performance mode:  Switch it off.  Press the power button one (1) time to turn it on, then again one (1) second later to switch modes (you will hear a longer beep on your second press).  The unit has now switched modes.  If you have the key chain remote, you can also switch modes with the dedicated button on the remote.

My scooter displays red central alarm lights and does not operate?

After excessive use, a hoverboard is designed to reset to safe mode.  Make sure the unit is level with the ground, turn it off, wait 10 seconds and turn it on again.  This should reset it to normal riding state again. 

When will my order ship?  

How long will delivery take?

We proudly offer FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders of Self Balancing Scooters. Our Parts and Accessories may have a nominal shipping cost as shown on your checkout page.  Most orders ship from our warehouse (Philadelphia, PA) within 24 hours by FedEx Ground service and takes 2 to 5 work days for delivery within the continental United States.  Once your product is shipped you will receive a tracking number to the email address used to place your order so you can see exactly when your item(s) will arrive.  If any ordered item becomes temporarily back-ordered, customers will be notified within 24 hours and a solution will be made.  For retailers ordering wholesale custom “making orders”, allow 3 to 5 days for factory manufacturing, plus 7 to 11 days FedEx Air/Ground shipping.  For large quantity “making orders”, shipping by sea freight container is the most economical method, but delivery times range from 4 to 6 weeks.   For any questions or concerns, contact us at:, or call 256-88-SWIPE (256-887-9473).

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, however the "Ship-To" recipient will have responsibility of clearing Customs in their respective country.  International customers should contact us through email before placing an order.

What's the Product Warranty?

We stand by our guarantee of quality.  All of our Self-Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and Skateboards come with our one (1) year warranty.  Because our devices are meant to withstand rugged use we don't just offer a manufacturing warranty, we also offer an array of repair and parts replacement options to keep you rolling.  You can extend your standard 1 year warranty to 2 years by adding this item to your check-out cart now!  

Any damage incurred by improper usage/negligence would not be covered by this warranty.  Learn more about our “returns and repairs” policy here.  

Do you offer repair services?

Will you repair my broken Self-Balance Scooter bought elsewhere?

Yes, we provide expert repair services.  For Self Balancing Scooters, Unicycles and Skateboards that are no longer under warranty, or purchased from any other retailerour service and parts facility is located in Philadelphia, PA.  Please call: 256-88-SWIPE (256-887-9473) for more information. 

Do you offer warranties on parts?

Yes. We offer a 2 day warranty on all device components that were operational prior to the initial repair and may have been damaged in the repair process.  This 2 day warranty excludes any component that was not able to be tested during the initial repair intake. All devices are inspected and reviewed with the customer before the device is released.  No refunds will be given.  All warranty repairs are done by appointment only.  

What is the Return Policy?

Your satisfaction is important to us.  Because we are confident that you will love your Self Balancing Scooter we offer a 14 day return/exchange policy from the day you receive your product.  Returns are subject to: 20% restocking fee, needs to be in the original packaging and must be in original condition with no cosmetic damage (scratches, etc.) or will not be accepted.  Shipping is not refundable for returns or exchanges.