Goethe GTK370 Inflatable Kayak-Boat Sport Fishing Crossover

Goethe GTK370 Inflatable Kayak-Boat Sport Fishing Crossover


Goethe GTK370-Sport Inflatable Kayak/Boat crossover

Custom fabricated and outfitted for performance sport-fishing and multi-configuration usage.


At first a glance, the GTK370-Sport looks like an inflatable fishing kayak on steroids... and it is! This compact fishing machine is multi configurable, fits in the trunk of a compact car, sets up in 5-minutes, and combines the flexibility of a kayak (it easily paddles as one) or rowboat, with the capability and range that only an outboard engine, or trolling motor can provide. Incredibly stable with a 3ft 5in beam and solid transom. An integrated inflatable EVA-covered floor will support a person standing up.


The GTK370-SPORT construction is of tough PVC fabric with reinforced side and bottom rubbing strakes. Rowing style paddles are clipped to the sides. What makes this boat superbly stable for its size is twin pontoons with a semi-rigid floor in between. Unlike a round-bottomed kayak, the GTK370-SPORT sits flat on the water no matter what the load, and the floor is sufficiently firm and stable enough to do so in relative safety.