Trotter OneWheel, Off-Road 700w Electric Skateboard

Trotter OneWheel, Off-Road 700w Electric Skateboard

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TROTTER OneWheel Off-Road e-Skateboard

All-Terrain, Surfing/Snowboard Style, 
Smart Balancing Electric Scooter

The TROTTER OneWheel is a state-of-the-art electric self-balancing scooter inspired by snowboarders, surfers and skateboarders alike. This tough electric vehicle is built to commercial grade, providing the greatest power and range in it's class and is well-suited for: city streets; urban sidewalks; or off-road terrain (asphalt, dirt, grass, gravel, cobblestones and sand).

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TROTTER OneWheel rides smoothly and silently with the sensation of gliding while slaloming or carving effortlessly into corners. A super intuitive "Lean-N-Go" design controls forward and backward movement, acceleration and deceleration, braking, etc.  

The aluminum deck frame support up to 5,000 pounds and the entire scooter can take a 3-story drop and still ride off! A powerful and silent 700w brushless hub motor resides inside an 11-inch Go-Kart racing tire and cruises up to 12.5 mph while going up or down steep 20% grades on or off-road. You'll be out of juice before the TROTTER ever will with it's premium 211W 4.4AH Samsung-made lithium battery which features regenerative charging when coasting downhill and breaking. For the ultimate in Lithium battery safety, the TROTTER Samsung battery is fully enclosed within a welded aluminum, 6-sided chamber that's double-walled and housed inside the deck. 7 forward facing LED's light your path up to 24 feet; no matter which direction you choose to ride, the front LED lights turn white and the rear LED lights turn red. Side-tilt safely override stops motor when tipping angle exceeds >45°.

FREE SHIPPING - Includes: TROTTER OneWheel E-Skateboard Scooter; Charger; and Owner’s Manual. Allow 7 to 11 days for delivery for domestic US shipments.

When ordering, please specify COLOR and WHEEL styles...

COLOR: 1. Red, 2. Blue, 3. Yellow, 4. Orange or 5. Black.

TIRE: 1. Treaded surface or 2. Smooth surface.

DECK FRAME COLOR: 1. Silver Brushed Aluminum; 2. Black Anodized Aluminum; or 3. Gold Anodized Aluminum.


Color: 1. Red, 2. Blue, 3. Yellow, 4. Orange, 5. Black

Wheel Styles: 1. Tread Tire or 2. Smooth Tire

Deck Frame Styles: 1. Silver Brushed Aluminum; 2. Black Anodized Aluminum; or 3. Gold Anodized Aluminum.

Carton Dimensions: 29.53” x 10.24” x 11.42”

Overall Dimensions: 29.18” x 10.2” x 11.24”

Material: Aluminum Alloy supports 5,000 lbs. stress.

Shell: High Quality ABS+UV

Wheel Size: 11.2 inch (280mm)

Tire Type: Go-Kart Racing, treaded or smooth tubeless, 50 psi inflatable,

Body Weight: 30.64 lbs. net / 35.05 lbs. shipping

Pedal Height: 6.85 inch


Max Speed: 12.4 mph - software limited

Driving Mileage: 11.2 - 15.5 miles

Motor Power: single 700w

Max Climbing Angle: 20° gradient

Max Load: 260 lbs

Dust/Waterproof Level: IP54

Power: 201w - 500w

Voltage: 48v

Battery: 100% Original Samsung 48VV4 4ah

Battery Capacity: 211wh, 265wh 317wh, 418wh / 4.4AH

Charging Time: 2 hours

Operating Temp: 14°F - 104°F

Storage Temp: -22°F - 158°F

Charger Voltage: AC 110V-220V / 50-60Hz

Certificate: CE ROHS FCC



UNITED STATES - Allow 7 to 11 days for delivery. UK, EUROPE, POLAND, CROATIA - Allow 13 to 17 days for delivery. RUSSIA*, UKRAINE* - Allow 25 to 37 days for delivery.

*Due to customs delay issues with Russia and Ukraine, shipment travels by train, takes longer, and tracking info is not quickly available or updated rapidly.